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Dynamic Signs


Parking Management - User's Guidance
Dynamic Signs & Backlights

"The smart way to park"

Innovative Park is an intelligent parking guidance system that guide users in the parking lots or surface parking. Innovative Park allows users to find a parking spot faster with dynamic message signs and led indicators, which indicate the free slots in real time.

The time savings can be up to 60% of the time looking for a parking spot.

Environmental: reduced air pollution and reduced congestion.


Innovative Park Lite is a lighter version of Innovative Park, and a counting system at the entrance and exit of the parking lot and at the entrance and exit of dedicated zones. This economic system is adapted small and medium capacity parking lots.

Innovative Park Lite

Innovative Displays Numeric, alphanumeric and pictogram Dynamic and Variable Message Signs to provide real time information to the drivers. Patented technology that provide information display without the “dot effect” of the leds.

Dynamic Message Displays - Dynamic Variable Signs